SUCO Conscious Workouts with Headphones

To connect, feel freedom, have fun and let go. ​A safe space to be unapologetically you.

SUCO is an active outdoor event combining the best elements from a world of physical and mental wellness practices. We are all about being mindful, feeling good and creating positive change. This is not your average workout!

No skills, whatsoever, are required!

“By far one of the most amazing and unique experiences! A mix of mindfulness, work-out, dancing,  positive energy and pure happiness. Addictive! Thank you”

–  Alexandra Dziewanawski –

“One of the most energized, feel-good moments for a long time! You guys created such an beautiful, amazing, FUN experience! Was so filled up with positive energy and all sweaty after last time!! Love it!! Must go! ” 

– Ariana Christensen –