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SUCO is a completely new form of conscious workout developed by our team  from South Africa. Our young wellness entrepreneurs created this movement as a way of bringing people together in a healthy and uplifting way, with their hearts set on creating change through positive human connection.

They began introducing fun and energetic gatherings on the rooftops and in the parks of Johannesburg, offering an exciting new way of getting active. The emphasis for them was always on advocating healthy living and making exercise fun and dynamic.

“Exercise doesn’t have to always feel like exercise and being active and feeling truly alive is a freedom that we should all be celebrating and striving for in our daily lives”

After being absolutely blown away by the appreciation and resonance that South Africans were showing towards these unique gatherings and the social and cultural change they saw occurring in these sessions they decided that SUCO (The Sunshine Collective) is something that they would love to give to the world.

With a dream in heart and a huge mission at hand they set their sights firmly on the awesome city of Barcelona as their home base and launchpad to bring SUCO to the world.

SUCO´s goal is to grow a community and provide a platform for people all over the world to connect, have fun, let go and spend a little bit of precious time being fully present. Creating space for communities to commit fully to simply moving, breathing and feeling great.

At SUCO you get to engage, to have fun and to be as alive as you possibly can.

SUCO community!

At SUCO we are all about spreading positive energy,  encouraging self expression and about sparking a connections.

We are striving to create safe spaces that allow for the freedom of self discovery, self expression, healthy fun and the upliftment of our community.

The purpose behind these events was to find a way to come together, without the distraction of drinking and drugs, while advocating healthy living and making exercise fun and dynamic.

SUCO sessions was born out a desperate need for uninhibited authentic connection.  With a collective intention of moving beyond the superficial and into real emotions, feelings and experiences we truly are capable of shifting into a world of fullness and love.

We are honoured to be building this collective together and invite you to share your amazing energy with us.

This is a space to be yourself, to be awkward, to be curious,  to be right, to be wrong, to be playful , to be supportive, to be supported, to be that inner child, to be silly, to be serious and to make friends.

This is a space to be HUMAN.

Let’s grow our worldwide collective together spreading the word & spreading the love.