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Active meditation to activate your business.

Your success is powered by people and we're here to make them feel happier, healthier and more connected.


What is SUCO?

SUCO is dedicated to providing a wellbeing practice that disrupts traditional fitness and meditation to provide an all-in-one immersive experience.

Our ritual is designed specifically for people who are not experienced meditators. We combine various science-based practices with electronic music, binaural beats and immersive visualisation techniques to boost self-esteem, reduce stress, inspire creativity, and build social cohesion.

Usually 45 minutes in length, the sessions are led by Jamie Beron and follow a carefully crafted ritual of collective intention setting, movement and breathwork.

We enable participants to experience an authentic connection with themselves, their feelings, and each other, ultimately ensuring a highly impactful experience for all ages and all experience levels.


Strengthen team cohesion

We enable participants to collectively experience a highly elevated and positive emotional state which leads to an increase in harmony, trust and connection.

Reduce stress

We encourage participants to let go, release physical tension and promote relaxation. They will increase their inner strength and positive emotions to deal better with adversity.

Increase productivity

We help transform mental states to boost self-discipline for more focus and efficiency.

Boost creativity

We enhance creativity and innovation by increasing cognitive flexibility to promote problem-solving and thinking outside the box.

Improve physical health

We focus on getting active and increasing the heart rate to boost your immune system and improve mobility.

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Types of Sessions

On-site In-person SUCO Sessions.jpg

Our in-person sessions get everyone actively involved in a collective way.

Online Virtual SUCO Sessions.jpg

We offer live or pre-recorded on-demand sessions that are accessible across the globe.

Virtual Reality VR SUCO Session.jpg

360º-session that will be pre-installed into a branded VR-headset.

Virtual Reality

Business objectives

Team engagement

Engagement and wellness programmes that target team building, intercommunication and collaboration.

PR & Marketing events

Public activations to build awareness and engagement with customers.

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“More than 6500 people joined and SUCO managed to make them live an experience they won't forget.” 

—  Ophélie Guitard, Brand Marketing Manager at Desigual


Favorite moments

Ready to activate your business?

Provide a memorable experience for both your employees and customers, and put their wellbeing at the top of your list! 

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