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About SUCO

The SUCO story


The practice of SUCO initially began in 2016 in South Africa, where Jamie Beron - the creator and voice of SUCO - began his research and practice of a new ritual that would deliver a revolutionary form of wellbeing.


Years later, the SUCO ritual has evolved into what it is today; an expert combination of immersive meditations combined with electronic music, for the ultimate wellbeing experience.

Freedom, Accessibility & Flexibility


We pride ourselves on creating an accessible and flexible way to enjoy a practice of wellbeing through the power of technology. Our practice involves the use of wireless headsets, which provide an immersive experience through sound therapy, encouraging people to truly feel the connection with oneself.


Our public, live group sessions allow people to feel united in their practices, creating a strong sense of community based on the mutual understanding of the power of SUCO. These practices ultimately create a strong community of people who are part of SUCO - the Sunshine Collective - to experience the true feeling of freedom.


Do you want to spread joy?

By joining us, you will be a part of our mission to collectively move away from a state of disconnection and into a new future where we can live more freely connected to our emotions and to each other.

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